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12 Awesome Cigars!
12 Awesome Cigars!

Green 560 (PA Broadleaf)

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PANACEA Green Label 560, PA Broadleaf
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PANACEA Green, PA Broadleaf 560 - oil can.
aka: Lancaster
Now you can get your favorite cigar in an air and water tight, sealed, pull tab quart can.  Fishing, hunting, camping, river trips, whatever...your cigars stay fresh, safe, dry whatever mother nature throws at them. Once the can has been opened, there is a plastic lid you can snap back on. Keep'm safe and fresh.  Herf On.....
GROWN IN THE USA! Low and slow...the only way to ferment a Pennsylvania Broadleaf to taste like ours. If you like a full bodied, medium-strong cigar with an incredible taste, you must try Green. She's a beauty that does the Pennsylvania cigar history proud. Just look at the depth of the marbling. It is fantastic! A triple Ligero (Piloto Cubano, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaragua) wrapped in the most beautiful PA Broadleaf you will find. The Binder is a Habano (Cuban seed) grown in the Dominican Republic. A Full bodied cigar that is medium to strong. Grande 560 (5x60).
Mechanically sealed oil can: 12 cigars

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