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Torpedo (6X52) 4 Pack
Torpedo (6X52) 4 Pack

Torpedo (Maduro)

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Torpedo, Factory Seconds
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This is a PANACEA Black, Torpedo (6X52). However, these cigars have a slight blemish that we felt should keep it out of the retail store display. They are first quality in flavor, but a second in appearance. Most likey thay have a sun spot, or water spot that keeps them from passing inspection. You may not even notice, but we do. Enjoy a great cigar at a discounted price.- Ahhh, the Torpedo Shape. Small at the head for comfortable smoking, but burns rich and cool like a much larger ring gauge. The interior is the same Cuban seed Seco, Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights as our Natural, but covered with a sweet and spicy Brazilian Maduro wrapper. Binder is Dominican. This cigar, like our pioneer cigar, is exquisite. You'll enjoy the same creamy, rich, smooth smoke with a slightly sweeter pallet and a hint of spice. Size: 6X52

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