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Perfecto (6X51) 4 Pack
Perfecto (6X51) 4 Pack

Perfecto (Natural)

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Perfecto, Factory Seconds
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Now you can enjoy this awesome cigar at a lower cost. Try a Factory Second. It is the same cigar as our banded and boxed cigar, but may have a slight blemish in the wrapper or roll. You may not even notice the imperfection...but our inspectors did. What is a Perfecto? The quickest, most evenly lit cigar you will ever smoke. Match light the tapered butt, and your cigar is lit quickly and evenly. It smokes cool, and draws beautifully. The cigar is: Cuban seed Seco, Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights make up the interior. Binder is Dominican, finished with a Connecticut wrapper. This cigar is exquisite. The construction is the best you will ever experience. A white, long ash...is guaranteed Size: 6X51

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Perfecto (Natural)
Perfecto (Natural)

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