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Perfecto (Natural)
Perfecto (6x51) Box 20
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Perfecto (Natural)

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What is a Perfecto? The quickest, most evenly lit cigar you will ever smoke. Match light the tapered butt, and your cigar is lit quickly and evenly. It smokes cool, and draws beautifully. The cigar is: Cuban seed Seco, Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights make up the interior. Binder is Dominican, finished with a Connecticut wrapper. This cigar is exquisite. The construction is the best you will ever experience. A white, long guaranteed Size: 6X51 Box count: 20
  • Strength: Mild - Medium
  • Body: Full
  • Taste: Creamy, Light Vanilla, Slight Nutmeg
  • Customer Reviews
    Rating Panacea Black - Natural Perfecto
    Aside from being a perfecto there is really nothing flashy about this cigars appearance. A nice example of a connecticut wrapper, no sheen to it. It gives off a slightly sweet chocolate smell prelight. The cannon is solid and it takes a cut well revealing a good draw that has a mild earthy tobacco flavor prelight. Some nice vanilla and cream with a bit of spice in the retro. Getting some wood hint's in the background and just a bit of espresso also. Very nice start. The second third is marked by wood and mocha taking the lead, still some cream and a hint of toasted malt. Burn has been spot on and ash held to the half way mark easily and is solid and almost pure white. The last third has a slight uptick in spice, the wood becomes stronger, still getting mocha but not as sweet as last third and vanilla and cream have taken a backseat. This was a really nice cigar. Burn was spot on start to finish, ash held well and the flavor profile was very enjoyable. It ran pretty Mild till about the mid point then it begin to gain some strength finishing at a good medium. This is the best Connecticut shade smoke I have had in a long time. I definitely am getting more of these.
      Reviewed by:   from New Mexico. on 7/25/2017
    Rating Perfect Perfecto!
    What a wonderful smoke! Creamy, nutty and smooth with hints of pepper, black coffee, vanilla and rich tobacco. Burn, ash and draw are, well...perfecto!! A go to cigar that can be enjoyed while welcoming the sun or saying hello to the moon. A top notch smoke in every sense...git ya sum!
      Reviewed by:   from Beeuudaful Buda, Texas!. on 6/4/2017
    Rating Great Connie smoke!
    I don't reach for mild sticks much anymore but was given this one to try. As mild sticks go I was very impressed. Construction and performance were impeccable. Nice open draw, perfect burn, durable cap that cut super clean, and generous amounts of smoke on a single puff even minutes apart. Flavors were strongest at the narrowed foot and were woodsy, pepper with a nice leather chaser finish. Once past the first inch the cream and coffee notes joined in but all were somewhat muted. The true joy of this cigar resided in the nose. The retrohale was fantastic start to finish. At the start it was sweet cedar and some significant spice, and transitioned to a sweet and cedar core, with cashew coming and going. For whatever reason the retrohale scents really lingered which was wonderful. I took this all the way to the last inch, never a hint of bitterness or harshness, which also sets this apart from other connies. Another job well done by Flatbed!
      Reviewed by:   from Valencia, CA. on 2/25/2017
    Rating Black Natural Perfecto
    As usual with Flatbed, this is very well constructed with a solid cap that holds nice and no blemishes to be spotted. Cold draw gave me sweet tobacco and some pepper on the lips. The Light light on the tapered foot didn't get uneven as it got to the body of the cigar. The burn was nice and straight the whole way. The first half had a woody flavor with a touch of pepper. The pepper gets a little stronger, but not much at the half and then coffee makes an appearance. The wrapper tried holding onto the band when I removed it, but only slightly pulled away. It finished off with the coffee and pepper, but at the end it had a slight bitterness to it. Overall this is a consistent mild to mild/medium smoke that I would recommend to most.
      Reviewed by:   from Griffith, IN. on 2/9/2017
    Rating Panacea Perfecto (Natural)
    From the start, a wonderful volume of thick, creamy smoke is produced with the slightest of effort. It is obvious that a lot of attention was paid to rolling this cigar. The burn is razor sharp, the ash is firm, and the draw remains easy and deliberate from start to finish. I found this cigar to be a little on the mild side, with clean toasted tobacco flavors, and a subtle hint of vanilla bean. No bitterness or metallic aftertaste at all. The smooth, creamy mouth-feel is very pleasant.
      Reviewed by:   from Boston. on 3/2/2009
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