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Moonshine Sampler. 13 cigars
Moonshine Sampler. 13 cigars

Moonshine Sampler

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PANACEA Moonshine Sampler
Part Number: FCPMNSMPL
Availability: In Stock
Feature: 3 Reb Label - Habano: 1 560, 1 Robusto, 1 Perfecto
Feature: 1 Green Label - PA Broadleaf: 1 560
Feature: 4 Black Label - Natural: 2 Robusto, 1 560, 1 Torpedo
Feature: 5 Black Label - Maduro: 2 Robusto, 1 560, 1 Toro, 1 Perfecto

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When I was a kid my buddies and I tried to make "moonshine" from the corn silo runoff. It was bad. I'm talking undrinkable. No worries though, nobody went blind or anything...for it was impossible to keep the stuff down. We would fill a few milk jugs under the silo drain, throw in some yeast, shake up the slurry and let it sit a few weeks. It kinda looked like a gallon of skim milk with cottage cheese in suspension.  I believe we may have missed several very important steps, but what the heck we were only nine or ten at the time:)


OK, new visual. You are in the middle of a lush green tobacco field.  Temp is 75, with no humidity.  Sun is out, blue sky,  with a sole cumulus cloud high above. Your favorite Super Model has just cut your cigar, and is now pouring your cordial.  Yes....Now you see it. That is our new Moonshine Sampler.  You'll get a sampling of all our blends as well as several sizes.  Fresh. Sweet. Peppery. Smooth. Bold. Clean. Full. You'll find all this and more in one jar.  Enjoy!
BTW...the mason jar makes a great humi or beer glass!  We also include a blend sheet so you can see what each label is made of.
13 Cigars.


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