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8x60, 4 Pack
8x60, 4 Pack

Kentucky Fire Cured 8x60

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Kentucky Fire Cured 8x60
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Well Folks, here it is Flatbed Cigar Companies first 8x60. This is one of the BEST cigars you will ever smoke. As you know, we've done the Peacemaker, and the Big Easy for several years now, and both are top sellers for us. But now...the crown jewel..Kentucky Fire Cured 860 aka: Freight Train. Enjoy.

Notes: Chocolate, Molasses, Nutty, Sweet but not very, Campfire...ish, Stout, Malty, a Cowboy smoke for sure. Just awesome. You'll love it. The cigar is very well balanced. Tons of flavor all the way through. I don't want to give all the leaves away....so unlike all my other blends/disclosures I'm keeping this mix close to the vest. I had a ball making this cigar. We could have released it last year, but could not get the boxes done. So....there is just that much more age on thee beauties. Enjoy! 8x60, 4 Pack Sampler

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