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Cigar Caddy 5 stick

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Cigar Caddy 5 stick
Part Number: HUM-CC5
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The ideal travel humidor made for people on the go, or avid outdoors-men who want ultimate protection for their cigars during their commute, while exposing them to the various elements of nature.

Holds up to 5 Churchill Cigars
Made from Super Strong ABS Molded Plastic
Floats on water Airtight seal
Waterproof to 100 feet deep
Crush proof Case
Removable/Replaceable Locking Clasps
Stainless Steel Latch Hinges
Molded Lock Ring for Added Security
1 Humidifier Disc in Lid
Custom Urethane Foam Protects Cigars
Lanyard with clip for easy transportation
Capacity: 5 Cigars
Dimensions (Inside): 7.88" x 3.97" x 1.55" Dimensions (Outside): 8.80" x 5.18" x 2.08"

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