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12 Awesome Cigars!
12 Awesome Cigars!

Black 560 (Natural)

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PANACEA Black Label 560, Natural
Part Number: FCPBN560can
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Feature: Smoke Magazine: Rated 91

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PANACEA Black, Natural 560 - oil can.
Now you can get your favorite cigar in an air and water tight, pull tab, quart can. Fishing, hunting, camping, river trips, whatever...your cigars stay fresh, safe, dry whatever mother nature throws at them. Once the can has been opened, there is a plastic lid you can snap back on. Keep'm safe and fresh.  Herf On.....
Seco Cubano, Ligero; Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights make up the interior. Binder is Dominican, finished with a Connecticut wrapper. Strength is mild to medium, with a very full body. Enjoy full, billowy clouds of rolling, sweet, nutty smoke. With the NEW Grande 560 size you'll enjoy even more filler in a cool burning cigar. She is exquisite. You will love this smoke. You asked for it...so we made it. Our very first blend, now in our latest size. Buy a can and share with your friends.
Mechanically sealed oil can: 12 cigars

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Black 560 (Natural)
Black 560 (Natural)

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