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Bundle of 20 Toro
Bundle of 20 Toro

Back Forty - Medium Filler

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Hand Rolled Medium Filler Cigar
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Here is our Maduro (wrapper) "Back Forty".  Enjoy!

We have been selling our cuttings for ten years now.  All the cigars we make; PANACEA Natural, Maduro, Habano, PA Broadlef, Cameroon, Corojo, etc, etc.  The Homestead KFCs, Track 7s, San Andres', Henshaw Street, etc, etc, etc.  All those blends are long filler cigars.  When we trim the leaf in production, and cut the ends...that tobacco is not wasted.  It is sold to other cigar manufacturers to make short and medium filler cigars.  WELL...we decided to keep the bigger pieces and make our own medium filler cigar, hand rolled with our premium binder and wrapper leaf. 

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