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Bundle of 20.  Azul 660 (6x60), Cameroon
Bundle of 20. Azul 660 (6x60), Cameroon

Azul 660 (Cameroon)

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PANACEA Azul 660 (6X60), Cameroon
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A beautiful Cameroon wrapper filled with the finest filler tobacco and bound with a strong Cuban seed binder. This blend has a little bit for every Panacea fan (aka: Flatbeders). Filler is our signature Piloto and Olor ligero, Seco Cubano...however....we also added a touch of Pennsylvania Broadleaf. So, Azul has the Panacea signature notes...but with a twist of Broadleaf. I think you will really enjoy the blend. Those who sampled the blend through development loved it. So, grab a bundle of 660s and enjoy! Make sure you share too:)

Bundle of 20 cigars!

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